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Conquests of a Loser...


Conquests of a Loser...
Memoirs of Chris Peacock

A boy to man tale of a search for the unknown.
My name is Chris Peacock. This journal holds some of my more successful attempts to interact and understand the fairer sex. I can confirm it is nothing to be proud of, but it is a true account of my boy to man search for the unknown. I was looking for ‘THE GREATEST CONQUEST’, a coital wrestle worthy of Ron Jeremy. This was an impossible goal for me, I know that now!

Fingers crossed you will use my sorry tales to avoid a similar fate and achieve your own happy ending!

Stock. Newsprint
24 pages / 180 x 260mm
1st Edition. Numbered 1/500
ISBN. 978-0-9569285-2-8
Published by. Mr Gresty

Jacket Quotes.
‘Conquests of a loser’ is a crude and immature account of a very personal subject, that I rather wish our Christopher had kept to himself. For him to include his father and I in one of his tales shows a lack of respect for those that gave him life. - Mrs. Peacock

My therapist said the best way for me to move on with my life and forget about all these super-sexy-red-hot-times, would be to put it down on paper or castration. Well here we are. - Chris Peacock

It's for immature adults, not mature children!